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enStratus Adds Support for Amazon SNS and Amazon RDS

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My friends over at Minneapolis-based enStratus Networks emailed me yesterday to give me a heads-up on their newest release of their Cloud Management Solution.

They have had full support for Amazon EC2 instances, S3 storage, Elastic IP Addresses, CloudWatch, Elastic Block Storage, Auto Scaling, Simple Notification Service, and CloudFront for a while.

Today’s release adds support for the Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) and the Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS). This support is available in all four of the AWS Regions.

You can see your existing SNS topics on this page:

And you can create a new topic by filling out this form:

Per the dialog above, you can associate a description and a billing code with the SNS topic, and you can also label the topic (and the other components of your application) to identify it as part of a particular application.

Their system also includes a number of other enterprise-grade features including key management, multiple user roles, automated failure recovery, reporting, and cluster-level management of EC2 instances. Learn more here or request a demo.

— Jeff;