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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Virtual Stress-free Testing in the Cloud

I am giving a presentation at upcoming FutureTest conference on “Testing in the Cloud”. Using Amazon EC2 for Software Testing  is one of “Lowest-hanging fruit” use cases. In this blog post, I will review some of the highlights of my presentation – some of the cool things the cloud brings to the world of application […]

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Executive Briefing on Cloud Computing

Update: We’ve reached capacity, but we’ll be recording the event and sharing it on our website in the near future. If you are in New York City, I’d like to call your attention to an executive briefing on Cloud Computing that will be held at NASDAQ Marketsite in Times Square on Tuesday, March 3rd. This […]

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AWS Links – Wednesday, February 11, 2009

As always, my inbox is simply overflowing with new and innovative AWS-powered applications. Here’s just some of what I’ve received in the last week or two: cool applications from Direct Thought, Zemanta, Jooners, Ylastic, enStratus; Solaris on EC2 from Sun; a job opening at Family Link; a Java library for SimpleDB; system software from AsterData […]

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IBM Software Available on EC2 With Pay-As-You-Go Licensing Model

We’ve teamed up with IBM to provide software developers with pay-as-you-go access to development and production versions of IBM Information Management database servers, IBM Lotus content management, and IBM WebSphere portal and middleware products, all running on Novell’s SUSE Linux on Amazon EC2. There’s a lot to say, so I’ll summarize the key points up […]

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Amazon DevPay Expands – Linux in Europe, Windows in the US

The official description of Amazon DevPay describes it as “a simple-to-use online billing and account management service that makes it easy for businesses to sell applications that are built in, or run on top of, Amazon Web Services.” In practice developers are able to monetize Amazon EC2 AMIs and Amazon S3 applications by selling them […]

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iPhone Console for EC2

This is a very brief post to call your attention to yet more innovation in the Amazon Web Services ecosystem: in this case an iPhone console application that monitors and controls your Amazon EC2 environment. David Kavanagh and company cooked this up over at directThought. My mind immediately went to “Sitting in Maui, umbrella drink […]

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News from Europe

[post by Simone Brunozzi, AWS Technology Evangelist in Europe, email: simoneb at amazon dot com] Greetings everyone, I want to update you on some cool news regarding events and trips in Europe in the next few weeks: – Monday, February 2nd and 3rd, London, UK I keynote the Powered by Cloud conference, speaking at 4pm […]

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