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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Scalable Web Architectures with Ruby and Amazon S3

Jonathan Boutelle gave a talk about scalable web architectures at a Bar Camp in Bangalore. His talk focused on how he and his team built Slideshare, including their use of Amazon S3 and Ruby on Rails. Jonanthan’s blog post includes a copy of his presentation (stored in Slideshare, naturally enough) and a video of the […]

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New ECS Release

A new release of ECS 4.0 was rolled out earlier today. There are two new features: A new response group, OfferListings, was added for all locales. This response group returns somewhat lighter version of the data provided by the Offers group. Data for the French locale now includes the French waste tax. — Jeff;

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Precious – Ruby, Gems and AWS

Ruby got a new face-lift with the new Rails framework. I was always fascinated with the Ruby language. 25 lines of Java code gets shrunk to 4 lines of equivalent Ruby code plus its more readable. And with Rails, it gets a new kick. It is always impressive to hear people say “I am a […]

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Sent To Smugmug

Over in the “practice what you preach” department, I’ve spent the last month or so uploading over 18,000 of my family pictures to Smugmug. Even though I store the photos on a RAID drive in my house and move regular DVD backups offsite, I am still relieved that someone else is worrying about my photos. […]

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Sheep Market Thesis

Aaron Koblin, developer of The Sheep Market, has published his thesis as a Word document: The Sheep Market: Two Cents Worth. It is fun to read, with some very far-ranging references and some entertaining diversions. It is interesting to read about Aaron’s hesitancy to be just a cog in a machine, then to see him […]

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Technology Evangelism Conference

If you are interested in the art of evangelism, there’s an event coming up that you should attend. It’s called GNoTECon (Global Network of Technology Evangelists Conference), and will be held in Santa Clara, CA on December 4th. Microsoft’s Anand Iyer blogged about it recently, so I won’t repeat everything here. In fact, this is […]

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S3 for Static Web Content

In and Amazon S3, Jesse Andrews describes how he moved all of his static content from his own server over to S3. Jesse set up the virtual hosting, moved over all of the content (using S3 Fox no less), and had everything up and running inside of 15 minutes. As he notes “it took […]

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EC2 Rock and Roll

There’s so much happening with Amazon EC2 that I can hardly read it all. Here’s a sampling: The Atlantis Computing blog talks about Amazin Amazon or why EC2 is the bee’s knees. Instead of investing between 30 and 40% of their seed capital on hardware, they have implemented it on top of EC2. As the […]

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