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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

AWS and The Windows Presentation Foundation

WPF/E is Microsoft’s next-generation presentation for creating rich web experiences. Using an XML vocabulary known as XAML, WPF/E supports both cross-browser and desktop applications which run on Windows and on the Mac. If you would like to learn a bit about the use of WPF/E in conjunction with the Amazon E-Commerce Service, you should check […]

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S3 Infinidisk for EC2

In the course of searching for some links to flesh out my previous entry, I ran into something new and very cool the S3InfiDisk for EC2. The InfiDisk takes the form of a mountable Linux file system, creating an infinite storage disk for EC2 instances. The file systems can be mounted on any running EC2 […]

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5 Minute AWS Presentation

I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to present at the first-ever meeting of Ignite Seattle this past December. This event attracted lots of Seattle-area technical folks for an evening that was both fun and informative. We started out the evening by forming into teams to build bridges from popsicle sticks and hot glue. […]

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Developer Help Wanted

I received a call for help via LinkedIn early this morning: How can I find a developer familiar with Amazon’s API for a mashup I’m planning? We don’t have a formal way to make these connections right now, but the answers to this question are certainly interesting and thought-provoking. Among other things, we’ve thought about […]

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Welcome to 2007 – Let’s Talk Mashups

Welcome to 2007 everyone. I’ve got all kinds of cool stuff queued up in my inbox. Let’s start out with a couple of mashup notes. First, long-time AWS developer Francis Shanahan‘s new book, Amazon Mashups, is now shipping. Weighing in at a hefty 408 pages, the book will show you how to combine Amazon data […]

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Evangelists on the Road, Early 2007

My team and I have been working to put together our plans for the first quarter of 2007. Here’s what we have so far: January 15th-16th – Mashup University, Boston, MA. 16th – Access Developers Group, Redmond, WA. 17th-18th – Mashup Camp, Boston, MA. 17th – Vancouver BC .Net User’s Group, Vancouver, BC. 26th-27th – […]

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Amazon Inside…

A number of great web applications are built on top of Amazon services such as ECS, EC2 or S3. In fact, 3 of Amazon’s services are listed in a recent Linux World article, Ten Web 2.0 APIs You Can Really Use. Here are a few cool Amazon-powered applications that have caught my eye: Social bookmarking […]

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Years and years ago I made a casual (yet accurate) remark to Tim O’Reilly about the relative use of our SOAP and REST web services. At that time REST accounted for something like 85% of our usage. Tim blogged our conversation, which was subsequently picked up by Slashdot. It’s been fun to see this casual […]

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