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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Another Database Solution for EC2 – S3DFS and SQLite

An anonymous poster at the (very entertaining) Nanobeepers blog, reports on the use of Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, and the SD3FS file system from OpenFount to host the SQLite database. As he notes: So, by adding EC2 instances that are all attached to the same S3 bucket, and using round-robin dns to distribute traffic among […]

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MySQL Interface to Amazon S3

Independent developer Mark Atwood has been working on a MySQL interface to Amazon S3. Released under the GNU Public License, the code is compatible with version 5.1 of MySQL. Once the interface has been installed and configured with your AWS developer credentials,  you can now create tables using the AWSS3 storage engine like this: CREATE […]

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Links for Thursday, April 5, 2007

A few things I couldn’t wait (waiting being defined as having time to write real blog entries) to share: Mitch Garnaat: Monster Muck Mashup – Mass Video Conversion Using AWS – Over the past year or so, Amazon has been expanding it’s line of infrastructural web services. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos likes to call this […]

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Monday Links

Here are some interesting Monday morning links: Smugmug‘s Don MacAskill has posted the slides from his recent ETech talk. Per the slides, they now have 192TB of photos stored in Amazon S3! Don’s deck also documents cost avoidance of $692K to date. After reviewing several different approaches to combining local storage with S3, Don discusses […]

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News from ETech

Alex Iskold has written a very lucid summary of Werner Vogels’ Etech keynote from earlier today. Of course, I agree with his summary: AWS is continuing to impress. Amazon is now focused on amplifying the customer success stories and turning that buzz into more customers. Given the pricing and simplicity of AWS, it appears that […]

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Scalability Help Needed at

My friends down at are in the midst of a traffic surge that’s only going to grow even more immense over the coming weeks and months. The front page of the site says: Looking for someone to help scale the site STAT. Will seriously pay you a suitcase full of cash. They are using […]

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Powered by AWS Logos

If you have built an AWS application and want to dress it up a bit with the addition of a “Powered By AWS” logo, we’ve got good news for you. Head over to our Co-marketing With Amazon Web Services page  and scroll down to Logo Program. From there you can download a Zip file with […]

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