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Here are some interesting Monday morning links:

  • Smugmug‘s Don MacAskill has posted the slides from his recent ETech talk. Per the slides, they now have 192TB of photos stored in Amazon S3! Don’s deck also documents cost avoidance of $692K to date. After reviewing several different approaches to combining local storage with S3, Don discusses performance and reliability, and also talks about his plans to use Amazon EC2 to handle image processing for 500,000 to 1 million photos per day.
  • The newest release of TeamDirection stores project information in S3. Check out the podtech video to learn more, then go for the free trial download.
  • SmartSheet is another cool and functional application built on top of S3 and EC2. There’s another podtech video (how does Scoble do it?). SmartSheet also won the Best in Show award at the recent Under the Radar conference.


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Jeff Barr

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