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A few weeks ago I was in Manhattan and looked up Howard Greenstein. It was Howard’s last day at NYU, because he’s going full-time with his new venture: Social Media Club.

Their official description is that “Social Media Club (SMC), is a global knowledge market for users and creators of emerging media. Professionals in industries such as public relations, marketing and communications join together in person and online with technology providers, advertising executives, bloggers, podcasters and entrepreneurs to discuss how their industries intersect. SMC has 15 chapters in the US, Canada and the UK, with over 1500 participants.”

Official description aside, what is important–at least, to me–is that I keep running across local chapter members, and these members are really active in the same communities that use Amazon Web Services. For example, at last week’s Ruby on Rails and Houston Refresh joint meeting, Erica O’Grady was there, fresh from the Austin Social Media Club meeting.

Howard says that part of the key to him is to be able to get the business users of Social Media in the same room, having the same discussion as the technical creators of these media. “If we get the entrepreneurs, the developers and the business folks working together, we can help move the industry forward at a faster rate.”

There’s a really active discussion about what works (and what doesn’t) going on in several places, with Social Media Release being one example. Worth a visit to discover what social media means to you–I believe that you’ll be hearing a lot more about this…

— Mike

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