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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

New Amazon Mechanical Turk Release

The Amazon Mechanical Turk was upgraded earlier today. The new release includes the ability to use XHTML formatted content as part of HIT Questions, and the ability to host Question on an external web site, framed within the Mechanical Turk user interface. The API version is still 2006-06-20, but the like-dated documents have been updated […]

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Alexa Site Thumbnail Service

The Alexa Site Thumbnail Service was announced last week. I’m still playing catch-up after my trip to London, so here goes. Using this new service, developers can request site thumbnails in small (111 x 82) or large (201 x 147) format. If the thumbnail is available it will be returned, otherwise a placeholder image will […]

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UC Berkeley Stardust @ Home

The Stardust @ Home project at UC Berkeley is using Amazon S3 to store tens of millions of scanned images. Each image is a virtual slice through a chunk of an amazing material known as aerogel. The aerogel was dragged through the tail of a comet and then returned to Earth. Buried within the outermost […]

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The Profit in Altruism

Long-time AWS developer MrRat wrote a really nice article for Revenews. In The Profit in Altruism, MrRat recounts the story of how his Amazon Products Feed script came to be. At first he was looking to make an immediate profit from his script (I guess that would be a rats to riches story). After a […]

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New Blog Feature: Recent Links

I’ve started up a little “link blog” on the left side of this blog. I’ll fill this with interesting links which include a mention of an AWS service. At this point there’s no way to get an RSS feed of the blog’s contents; sorry about that. — Jeff;

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Is Your Name Steve? Did you Email me Last Week?

This is pretty embarassing, but I don’t have another way to retrieve the email. Sometime late last week I received an email from someone. I am pretty sure that his name was Steve. It was a fairly long email, and I was looking forward to reading and responding to it. Unfortunately, I was a bit […]

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