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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Reminder: Talis Library Mashup Contest

I had lunch with Paul Miller of Talis yesterday. As I have blogged before, they are running a contest for library mashups. You’ve still got 2.5 weeks to build your mashup — plenty of time to build something cool using the Talis APIs in conjunction with ECS or some other interesting web service. — Jeff; […]

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AWS Code Samples

A colleague sent me a link to Google’s new Project Hosting site. The site is a handy place for developers to maintain project membership, store source code, and track bugs. Out of curiosity I ran a query for Amazon and found four interesting projects: amazonws shows how to call ECS from Java using JAXB and […]

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Cross-Domain XmlHTTPRequest

Today I had lunch with Peter Nixey of Web Kitchen. We talked about all sorts of interesting topics, including his recent blog posting, Why XHR Should Become Opt-In Cross Domain. This posting was written in a very interesting style and compares cross-domain scripting permissions to ordering beer in a pub. Peter explains the problem, the […]

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Making Money with the Amazon Mechanical Turk

Salon has published “I Make $1.45 a Week and I Love It”, a very interesting article on the Amazon Mechanical Turk. You will need to watch a short ad in order to read the entire article. The article covers the historic origin of the Mechanical Turk name, Amazon’s rollout of the web site, and requesters […]

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Developer Support Engineer Position Now Open

Join the AWS Developer Relations team as a Developer Support Engineer and you will get the chance to exercise your programming and communication know-how. You will get to partner with and support developers who are building business critical applications on top of AWS. Ideal candidates will have: Working knowledge of Web services technologies, such as […]

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Amazon Search Inside of Second Life

Lately I’ve been spending some of my personal time in another world, a world called Second Life, to be precise. Second Life is a 3D virtual world. When you log in to Second Life for the first time you choose your “in-world” name and you create your own avatar. Once inside, you can chat, run, […]

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Quick Picks

Time to clean out the inbox with some interesting quick picks: Good article from Microsoft: Web Services and the Microsoft Platform. The BitPorters blog talks about the Amazon Mechanical Turk: Micro-Compensation – Affordably Driving User Incentive. Long-time AWS developer Francis Shanahan is writing a new book, tentatively titled Beginning Mashups. There’s more info and […]

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