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Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Secret Prices

I met Marc, the developer of Secret Prices, at Mashup Camp last week. Marc was eager to show me his site, and I found it quite interesting. Secret Prices is a comparison shopping tool. You can compare product prices across multiple vendors in 18 different categories including books, movies, music, electronics, and event tickets. The […]

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Sometimes You Need Just a Little…

On the way to work this morning I stopped by my local gourmet supermarket for some Aztec Trail Mix. I went to the bulk foods aisle, found what I wanted, and used the dispenser to measure out exactly what I needed — just enough for the next couple of days of random snacking. I hopped […]

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Upcoming Events

We’re hitting the road and heading out to speak at a whole bunch of user groups and conferences. Here’s our schedule: July 22, Portland Code Camp – Vancouver, Washington. July 25, Portland Java Users Group – Portland, Oregon. July 25, Open University – Milton Keynes, UK. July 26, Portland Area .Net Users Group – Beaverton, […]

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Amazon Simple Queue Service Released

A few paragraphs into yesterday’s press release was an important note about the Amazon Simple Queue Service, or SQS. SQS is now in production. The production release allows you to have an unlimited number of queues per account, with an unlimited number of items in each queue. Each item can be up to 256KB in […]

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Amazon S3 Shoots, Scores, Soars

Developers have been pouring data into Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) at a prodigious rate. In fact, there are now over 800 million discrete objects stored in S3. Earlier today we announced some of our successes in a press release. Some of the highlights include: The aforementioned 800 million stored objects. Argentinian newspaper La Nacion […]

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Using ECS with PHP5 and the PEAR SOAP Class

PEAR is a set of classes that simplify the process of writing PHP code by providing robust, high-level abstractions. The current version of PHP contains a SOAP class which fits this model quite well. Instead of having to deal with many of the gory details intrinsic to making SOAP calls and to handling results, you […]

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Cardbox Database – Now with Amazon S3 Access

The Cardbox flat-file user-oriented database tool now works with Amazon S3. Available in Home, Professional, and Client editions, Cardbox lets users design their own databases without the assistance of a DBA (database administrator). Databases can hold text, images, and binary data; indexing and sorting is automatically handled “under the covers.” According to the announcement post […]

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Top City Books – Three Way Mashup

I am attending Mashup University today, but it is only a coincidence that today’s cool site is itself a mashup! Top City Books combines ECS data, Google Maps, and Yahoo Geocoding to display the top books sold in cities around the world. Geocoding refers to the process of turning a full or partial street address […]

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