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I’m due downstairs in 30 minutes to go set up for the MIT Emerging Technology Conference. Here are some links that I have no time to annotate (evening update: they are now annotated):

  • MySQL Replication on EC2 – “OK, here’s the cheat sheet for getting MySQL replication going for a PeopleAggregator install on Amazon EC2.”
  • Inside Amazon EC2 – “I wasnt really expecting something like this from Amazon (though after S3, it wasnt too unexpected), so I was even more intrigued. And when I found out that EC2 was running off of Xen, I was just blown away!”
  • Programmable Web: 100 Shopping Mashhups – “Given the availability of these good APIs from Amazon, eBay and it should be no surprise that shopping is a popular mashup theme.”
  • CNET: Web Giants Lure Developers – “As more software applications go online, a race is on among Web service providers to lure software developers at companies like Mpire. An active “ecosystem,” or network, of partners creating linked services improves a hosting company’s health, as third-party products drive traffic–and revenue–to the hosting site.”
  • YRUHRN?: First Book Created by Global Collaboration of Over 1,000 People Using Amazons mTurk and other Crowdsourcing efforts.
  • Programmable Web: Books for Amazon Mashups – “Here is a quick summary of books that can help you build mashups with the various Amazon APIs.”
  • Programmable Web: Mashup University Videos – “If you missed the chance to attend the first Mashup University back at Julys Mashup Camp 2, youre in luck: videos of the sessions are now available for viewing.” I spoke as part of Intel’s session and you are welcome to take a peek

— Jeff;

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