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Author: Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

Openfount Queued Server

The Openfount Queued Server looks really interesting. It took me a little while to understand the architecture, but this was time well spent. Basically, this technology interposes a set of processing queues between a web client and a backend server. The queues are apparently implemented using our S3 and SQS services. The client never talks […]

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Calling London…

Late next month I will be heading over to London to present a session at the XML Summer School on the 27th of July. Details are not yet final, but I will be doing some sort of presentation for Associates and Marketplace Sellers at the office in Slough as well. Stay tuned to this […]

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Lots of Goodies

I’ve got a few cool things to share today: The AWS Web Shop sends a Love Message To Amazon Web Services – “Ive never met an API like you. What caught my attention is that you were just exposing yourself everywhere.“ Speaking of love letters, the Pure Web Dev blog says “I’m still surprised by […]

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Lendmonkey Media Trade Community

Today finds me in Chicago at the first-ever Ruby on Rails conference. Among a number of interesting sessions today, the most interesting one consisted of 5-minute “lightning” demos. Each developer had just 5 minutes to get up on stage, present his application, and answer questions. Bryan Wood showed off Bryan explained to the crowd […]

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Interarchy File Transfer for the Macintosh

Version 8.1 of the Interarchy File Transfer application for the Macintosh now allows files to be transferred in and out of Amazon S3. I’m definitely not up to date on happenings in the Mac world (the last one that I used had a main memory size measured in kilobytes), but this application looks really good […]

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AWS Solutions Catalog

The AWS Solutions Catalog is the place to go to find AWS-based solutions of all shapes and sizes. The catalog is organized both by audience — with sections for Amazon Associates, Developers, Businesses, Amazon Sellers, and Consumers — and by service, with one section for each of the eight Amazon Web Services. Each section has […]

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Mechanical Turk for Metadata Collection

There are some fascinating posts over at the ESV blog. ESV refers to the English Standard Version of the Bible. In order to increase the accuracy of their database of Biblical quotations, they used the Amazon Mechanical Turk. The HIT was relatively simple, and asked the Worker to identify the name of the person who […]

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