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Here are some great links that I have been saving up for the last week or two:

  • Last week I recorded a podcast with Doug Kaye and Phil Windley. We talked about Amazon S3, Amazon SQS, and Amazon EC2, and then we discussed Doug’s new podcast processing system. You should listen to the whole think to get all of the details, but a few things about this podcast are especially noteworthy. First, Doug said that it was fun to implement the complex architecture pictured in this diagram. Second, he claimed that he spent less than $100 on Amazon services during the development process!
  • Steve Odom wrote about Using Capistrano to Manage EC2 Instances. He’ll be using this as part of his soon-to-be-launched site, . Capistrano is a Ruby tool which simplifies the deployment of development code to production servers. Steve has also written about Using S3 as a Cache Store and Seven Steps to Use S3 as a Media Server.
  • Frances Shanahan posted an excerpt from his Mashups book. Read all about A Generic Storage Solution Using Amazon S3. If you have already read this book, consider posting a review.
  • Mike Migursky forced his iMac to spend the entire weekend sub-dividing and then uploading NASA’s Blue Marble imagery to S3. He’s now running a Special on Blue Marble Tiles, Aisle Six. Mike has generously made this data available for free, asking only that you make your own copy if you want to do any heavy-duty processing.
  • We published a tech note on Optimizing Amazon S3 Performance With Small Objects. Being an old Linux geek, I searched in vain for a way to change this setting on the client side (for that particular case). I didn’t find one, and that may be just as well. The various protocols and practices at the TCP-IP level are remarkably well thought-out and making this change would actually be a tiny bit anti-social.
  • Finally, while in Utah last week (more info here) Brad Baldwin of Rocky Mountain Voices did a video recording of my impromptu 5 minute talk. Earlier that week I also recorded an audio podcast with Kip Meacham, also of Rocky Mountain Voices. I will post a link to that one just as soon as it is online.
  • One more thing, added minutes afterward. My friend Jeffrey McManus wrote to tell me that his very cool is now using Amazon S3 for document storage.

Ok, I am supposed to be taking it easy today, so I’d better sign off!

— Jeff;

Modified 2/9/2021 – In an effort to ensure a great experience, expired links in this post have been updated or removed from the original post.
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