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Jeff Bezos’ talk earlier this week received a considerable amount of great coverage online. Here’s a sampling:

  • The Motley Fool says that Amazon Looks to Make a Buck off Muck. Describing Amazon S3 and the Amazon Elastic Cloud, they said:

    What this means in more practical terms is that if a small business suddenly needs to grow overnight as a result of, say, a successful viral marketing campaign, the company’s website will be able to handle the new traffic because it can just expand into Amazon’s existing data storage system.

  • The Alphamarketer blog, in an article titled Amazon Introducing New Tools for Online Marketers, says:

    This is a great service if Amazon can deliver on it. To be able to have this taken care of and be able to focus on growing our businesses rather than IT issues, offers great potential for all of us.

  •, Bezos Opens Web-Services Sharing for Profits:

    The executive maintains that using the scale and processing power of the firm’s back-end operations to create Web services tools that Amazon can market to a new class of customers will lend additional revenue and valuable programming experience to the retailer’s business as it moves forward.

  • The Instanpundit is terse, yet accurate: “I think it’s a smart approach.
  • Infoworld’s Jon Udell had a video Conversation With Jeff Bezos About Web Services.
  • Popular Mechanics live-blogged the conference: “It may sound boring, but the technology Bezos is unleashing is nothing short of revolutionary.”

You can also listen to the talk in MP3 form here.

— Jeff;

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