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AWS Activate Update – Solutions Architect Office Hours, More Training, and Exclusive Offers

by Jeff Barr | on | | Comments

AWS Activate is a package of resources for startups. It was designed to make it even easier for startups to get started and to quickly scale on AWS. It is an international program, with members from all over the world.

The initial benefits package for members of AWS Activate included AWS credits, AWS training, AWS support, a set of exclusive offers from third parties, and the opportunity to share knowledge with other members of the program.

Today we are expanding the AWS Activate benefits package to make it even more useful to startups. We are adding virtual office hours with an AWS Solutions Architect, additional training, and eight additional exclusive offers from third parties.

Virtual Office Hours
The AWS Solutions Architects are the mad scientists of the AWS ecosystem, albeit with better social skills and haircuts (case in point, my colleague Miles Ward, pictured at right).

As a member of AWS Activate, you have the opportunity to book time with an AWS Solutions Architect. The Solution Architects are ready to discuss your security, architectural, and performance questions one-on-one. They can help you to design for high availability and are also ready and willing to talk about cost optimization. If you are a member of AWS Activate, think about booking an office hour now.

Additional Training for Self-Starters
The Self-Starter package now includes additional training. Each recipient of this package now has access to the AWS Essentials eLearning course (a $600 value) and eight tokens for self-paced labs (normally $30 per token). If you are a member of AWS Activate, simply log in and then access the self-paced labs.

Exclusive Offers
In addition to the current offers from Alert Logic, Chef, and SOASTA, the AWS Activate program now includes eight additional offers:

  • Amazon Login and Pay – Make it easy for millions of buyers to shop on your website or mobile site using the information already stored in their account.
  • Bitnami – Easily deploy your development, QA, and production environments.
  • Cloudability Pro – Get total visibility into your usage and spending across all of your AWS accounts.
  • CopperEgg – Increase your operational confidence with this lightweight and affordable tool for application performance management.
  • Nitrous.IO –  Launch, manage, and collaborate on cloud-based development environments with the “Shift” development environment.
  • Podio – Communicate, organize, and get work done with Podio by Citrix.
  • Stackdriver – Monitor and manage your full AWS stack (infrastructure, systems, and apps) with the help of Stackdriver Elite.
  • Trend Micro – Improve security, visibility, control, reporting, and protection of customer data with Trend Micro’s suite of host-based security tools and vulnerability scanning for web applications.

To learn more about these offers, click here. If you are a member of AWS Activate and would like to redeem one of these offers, send an email to and let us know which offers youre interested in.

Sign Up Now
To sign up for the program or to learn more about it, visit the AWS Activate page.

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