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AWS Management Console Now Supports the Simple Queue Service (SQS)

The AWS Management Console now supports the Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS). You can create, inspect, and modify queues. You can post new messages to queues and you can peek at the messages in the queues. Here is a tour:

You can see all of your message queues for the current region, along with the number of messages available and in flight, from the main window:

The following actions are available for each queue:

You can select one of your queues to see more information about it:

You have full control of the permissions associated with each of your queues:

You can create a new queue by filling in a form. You have control over the visibility timeout, message retention period, and the maximum message size:

You can also modify these settings for an existing queue:

You can send a mesage to any one of your queues:

You can also peek into any of your queues to see what’s inside. The messages that you see will be hidden from other applications until the time period specified by the queue’s visibility timeout has elapsed:

You can view messages for a desired period of time, or you can wait for the desired number of messages to appear:

You can click on the More Details link to see the entire message. In this particular case, I chose to encode the messages in JSON format:

As you can see, this addition to the console provides you with a lot of insight into your SQS message queues, and it also provides you with a lot of control.

— Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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