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Can Scanning as a Service Clean Your Desk Off?

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Does your desk have piled up documents? If so, there’s hope!

Pixily just launched, with a business model that could be described as “NetFlix in reverse”. They offer a plan that allows you to send them one envelope per month (envelopes can contain up to 50 items) filled with documents that you want scanned and made searchable. This base plan costs $14.95 per month, and of course higher volume plans are available.

Prasad Thammineni, CEO of Pixily, came to our AWS Startup Event last fall in Boston, where I had the opportunity  to meet him. Pixily is based in Waltham, MA and a big user of AWS–in fact, a Prasad says “We use EC2, S3 and SQS. AWS has helped us democratize expensive technology and make it accessible to consumers and small businesses. This technology until now was available to only large enterprises.”

You can read more about Pixily in this Boston Globe article. The article included this gem:

“Pixily has economized by building the entire website atop Amazon’s Web services infrastructure, which allows a company to rent servers and storage space as needed. “That gives us the flexibility to add more servers based on our demand, as traffic increases, instead of paying for them at the outset,” says chief technology officer Vikram Kumar”

 — Mike

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