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Are you looking for an opportunity to really drill down thru the hype, and learn what Cloud Computing is all about? There are a variety of “Cloud Computing” camps, conferences, and panel discussions. This post summarizes relevant events that that I am aware of; there are probably more that I have not heard about. If you want to learn more about Cloud Computing, one or more might help you on that journey.

CloudCamp San Francisco Summer 2008
Tuesday, June 24, 2008 from 5-9 pm in San Francisco, California
Reuven Cohen of Enomaly is the sparkplug behind this event, which you can sign up for at The event description is as follows:

CloudCamp was formed in order to provide a common ground for the introduction and advancement of cloud computing. Through a series of local CloudCamp events, attendees can exchange ideas, knowledge and information in a creative and supporting environment, advancing the current state of cloud computing and related technologies.

AWS Evangelist Jeff Barr will be in attendance.

An Evening in the Cloud
June 9, 2008 in Boston
This is a panel discussion featuring four users and representatives from four vendors, including Amazon’s own Adam Selipsky. Organized and hosted by Mashup Camp founder David Berlind, this should be a very worthwhile evening event.

The Promise and Reality of Cloud Computing
June 24, 2008 in Boston
This is a panel discussion loaded with thought leaders in technology, including Sim Simeonov, General Partner at Polaris Venture Partners — an old friend and someone who always has something interesting to say. Nicholas Carr, author of The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, From Edison to Google will also be a panelist.

Structure 08
June 25, 2008 in San Francisco, California
The reason that CloudCamp San Francisco chose their date and location is that Structure 08 will be held on June 25th. The focus of the conference will be new platforms and new architectures, because to quote the event website “The platforms on which we have done business for over a decade are starting to provide diminishing returns; the smart money, meanwhile, is seeking new platform structures.”

Amazon’s CTO, Werner Vogels, will be speaking along with other industry leaders. Jeff Barr will take part ni a panel session.

High-Performance Distributed Computing
June 25-27, 2008 in Boston
The IEEE is conducting this High-Performance Distributed Computing Symposium which addresses the same issues that others call Cloud Computing. Their website says “The intent of this meeting is to provide a forum in which researchers report on new ideas and technical insights, application teams express the challenges of constructing wide area or scalable high performance applications, and technology creators report on future developments.”

The World Summit of Cloud Computing
Dec. 1-2, 2008 Hertzelia, Israel
The World Summit of Cloud Computing has a lengthy list of presenters representing many of the influential organizations in the industry. Amazon Web Services evangleist Simone Brunozzi will be one of those speakers.

It’s a busy month–Cloud Computing is definitely on the industry radar!

— Mike

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