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Cloud Innovation at Intuit and Edmodo using Amazon RDS

Recently our CTO Werner Vogels had a great conversation with Troy Otillio from Intuit and Jack Murgia from Edmodo. These innovators are using Amazon RDS to free up  their time to focus on whats important to them building value for their customers. 

Here are some of my favorite bits:

Troy: Moving to AWS has enabled us with operational agility to deliver more value to those customers without having to worry about scale and infrastructure maintenance. We now have more time to focus on innovation while being confident that when demand increases we can easily add more capacity.

Jack: Anything that saves time and simplifies processes for employees of a young startup has a positive affect that CAN NOT be overstated. The peace of mind part needs no explanation. Nobody on our team regrets moving to RDS MySQL – quite the opposite; we all agree we don’t want to think about where we would have been without RDS.

Troy: We love RDS it’s reduced our operational workload by a noticeable factor but even more exciting is the benefits around fast recovery enabled by the Multi-Availability Zone capability. My team often brags about the one-click creation of read replicas, ability to upsize or downsize the database without downtime and automatic back-up.

Read the full interview to learn more!

By the way, as I have noted before, if you want to try Amazon RDS, you can do that for free. Head on over to the free trial page. Tell us about the cool new app you build on RDS!

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