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Coming Soon – Global Secondary Indexes for Amazon DynamoDB

Update: The feature described in this blog is available now and you can start using it today! CTO Werner Vogels gave a sneak peek at a new feature for Amazon DynamoDB earlier today.

Planned for launch within weeks, the new Global Secondary Indexes will give you the flexibility to query your DynamoDB tables in new and powerful ways.

At present, you can query the table using a hash key or a composite (hash and range) key. With the upcoming release of Global Secondary Indexes, you will be able to create up to five secondary indexes when you create a table, each referencing a particular attribute. You can then issue DynamoDB queries and scans that make use of the indexes. You can also choose to project any desired attributes into an index. Doing so allows DynamoDB to handle certain scans and queries using only the index, leading to even greater efficiency.

This new feature will be ready for general use before too long. Stay tuned to the blog for more information!

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Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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