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DynamoDB Improvements – Consistent BatchGet & More

I’m happy to announce a number of improvements to Amazon DynamoDB – Consistent BatchGet, Simultaneous Control Plane Operations, and more flexible updating of provisioned throughput. Let’s take a look at each improvement.

Consistent BatchGet
DynamoDB’s BatchGet operation has been extended so that it now supports strongly consistent reads in addition to eventually consistent reads. Using the BatchGet API can reduce the number of network round-trips between your client and DynamoDBa nice performance optimization. As of today, you can now get strongly consistent reads using BatchGet.

Simultaneous Control Plane Operations
You can now have up to 10 control plane operations active at any given time.  This means that you can now use DynamoDB’s UpdateTable operation to simultaneously modify the provisioned throughput of up 10 tables at a time.The previous limit was 1; this change should greatly simplify your application’s “Scale Up” logic.

Flexible Provisioning
You now have the freedom to change the provisioned throughput of your DynamoDB tables in smaller amounts. Previously, you had to change the throughput by at least 10%. That restriction is now history. You are still limited to a maximum increase of 100% (in other words, you can double table throughput with one request). You can, of course, add as much read or write throughput as you’d like by calling UpdateTable several times in succession.

These changes and improvements were all made in response to requests from our customers. Please feel free to post a note in the DynamoDB forum if you have a request of your own.

— Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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