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Amazon Kinesis Expansion

Amazon Kinesis is a real-time service for processing streaming data at massive scale. You can process Kinesis data in a variety of ways, including the Kinesis Client Library, Apache Storm, or Elastic Map Reduce. Mobile gaming companies like Supercell ( AWS Case Study) and analytics companies like Snowplow Analytics ( AWS Case Study) accelerate their data analysis and decision making with Kinesis.

We recently announced that AWS CloudTrail provides support for logging of API calls made to Kinesis.

Today we are expanding Kinesis into a pair of new AWS Regions! You can now build and run Kinesis apps in the following locations:

  • US East (Northern Virginia)
  • EU (Ireland) – New!
  • US West (Oregon) – New!

To learn more about Kinesis, start with the Developer Guide. This document describes scenarios where Kinesis can be used and outlines some of the benefits of doing so. It also introduces the all-important Kinesis Client Library and shows you how to use it to build an app.


Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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