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I blogged about’s Live Blogging Experiment yesterday. They were trying to capture the live feeds from Steve Job’s Keynote at WWDC 2007 Event. For the past several years, any site which live-blogged the event would become hopelessly buried in traffic.

They built a small admin tool that periodically encapsulates the content every minute or so and posts it on Amazon S3 Bucket and lets Amazon S3 handle the load. In the followup blog post, they tell us more about their tool and share the results of their 2-hour experiment. The Blog post is a good read.

  • 7 pictures
  • 130 text posts
  • 20k visits
  • 50k pageviews to the page
  • 5M requests – this includes the 15 second content refresh and the images.
  • 47GB of transfer
  • content was 17k, images were 200k.

Cost for the event: $10.

This demonstrates the true power of Web-scale: A massive scalable infrastructure to back them up when they need it and pay for only what they consume. This model is validated and affirmed during these types of “live” and “spiky” events.

Now I can’t wait to see their next experiment “Live Video Blogging”

Nice work!

— Jin

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