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More Bits for Your Money – AWS Bandwidth Pricing Reduced

We’ve been working to drive down our costs and to pass the savings along to our customers. We’ve focused on bandwidth costs and are happy to announce that the cost of outbound bandwidth (for data transferred from within AWS to the outside world) has been reduced effective May 1, 2008. The old and new costs are as follows:

Monthly Transfer Old Price / GB New Price / GB
First 10 TB $0.180 $0.170
Next 40 TB $0.160 $0.130
Next 100 TB $0.130 $0.110
>=150 TB $0.130 $0.100

Note that there’s an entirely new pricing tier, for customers with outbound monthly transfer in excess of 150 Terabytes.

As noted in the forum post, a customer with 50 TB of monthly transfer will save 16% and a customer with 500 TB of monthly transfer will save 26%. Earlier this year we let the world know that the total bandwidth consumed by Amazon EC2 and S3 is greater than that consumed by all of our global web sites put together.

We’ve also updated the AWS Simple Calculator Utility to reflect the new prices.

— Jeff;