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More on ADFS with Amazon EC2

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Thanks to those who wrote to me with ideas about using ADFS to federate with Windows instances running on Amazon EC2. My original post was picked up by a couple other blogs, which Id like to acknowledge here:

ADFS-EC2-SSO As part of a joint project between Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, I’m proud to announce the release of a whitepaper written by David Chappell that explores these federation scenarios in more detail. David begins his paper with an additional scenario your Amazon EC2 resources are placed in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) and joined to your own corporate domain; here, there’s no use of ADFS. Then he illustrates the two scenarios I mentioned before, and shows how it would work with both ADFS 1.1 and ADFS 2.0.

Soon well release a companion step-by-step guide that walks you through the steps required to build these federation scenarios in a lab. From this youll gain the skills and experience necessary to implement them in your production environment. Ill announce here when the guide is available for download.

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