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Out of This World Cloud Computing at QCon in San Francisco

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Early next month, Khawaja Shams and John Callas of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory will be speaking at QCon 2010 in San Francisco.

The title of their session is Out of This World Cloud Computing. Here’s the description:

This session will present MER operations as an excellent candidate for cloud computing. MER is the first NASA mission to effectively utilize a public cloud computing infrastructure and realize its benefits. We will discuss the cloud applications we have built for storage, content delivery, searching, and data processing. Come learn how this great mission of exploration has been able to use cloud services in production to solve mission critical problems, while saving money and streamlining operations. We will also cover challenges associated with security and privacy, as well as designing our services to maximize uptime and minimizing cost.

This looks really interesting. NASA IT CTO Tom Soderstrom has embraced a strategy that he calls “Keep it Real.” This means that they explore promising new technologies in complex and demanding real-world production applications. Here’s a presentation with even more information about NASA’s work in the cloud:

Update: Here are two other AWS-related presentations at QCon:

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