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Marc from Quetzall sent me a note about their new CloudCache product. CloudCache is a fast, lightweight key-value caching system designed for use within the cloud. Each key can optionally have an associated TTL (time to live). Once the TTL is reached the key and the associated value are removed from the cache.

Running on Amazon EC2 via DevPay, CloudCache is fast, with latency measured at just 1.5 ms. It can be run in multiple EC2 regions to minimize latency concerns. Customers can start small (1 cache) and grow large (1000 caches). CloudCache returns data in Ajax (JSON) or XML format. Bindings are available for Ruby, Java, PHP, and Python. Read the API documentation to learn more.

Since CloudCache is accessible via DevPay, you can sign up here and start using it right away. All pricing and usage charges are available on that page.

— Jeff;

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