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AWS Links – Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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There are plenty of really good links in my inbox. Here are some of the best:

  • The Oracle TechBlog has the slides from the recent “Oracle in the Cloud” webinar. I know that lots of you have been waiting for these!
  • On-Demand Enterprise asks Has Cloud Computing Found its ‘Killer App’? and reviews AWS customer SOASTA.
  • Old friend Adam Kalsey emailed me to tell me that his company has released CDN2, a Drupal-native video platform built on top of EC2, S3, and SQS. His blog post states that “CDN2 is a combination of a Drupal module and a hosted service that’s designed to help you manage video with ease. The module allows you to transcode video into many different formats, from iPhone video to Flash video for the web, to high definition flash.”
  • Videos of the AWS Start-Up Challenge Finalists are online.
  • In a perfect example of why cloud computing makes perfect sense for holiday scaling, Talk2Santa is hosted on Amazon EC2!
  • If you just can’t get enough cloud computing news, check out the cloud-computing topic on Alltop.
  • RightScale will be running the “Best Practices in the Cloud: Managing the Deployment Life Cycle” webinar on Thursday, December 18th. Pre-register now!
  • n Software recently released a new version of their Amazon Integrator components. The product provides easy-to-use components for accessing Amazon Web Services including  S3, SQS, SimpleDB, Elastic EC2, and the Amazon Associates Web Service.
  • FlixWagon runs on EC2 and S3. Using the site you can broadcast live video from your mobile phone.
  • Delve Networks used EC2 and S3 to create an advanced video publishing platform. S3 allows them to host videos without worrying about replication and backup while EC2 gives them the ability to scale on demand. Their client base includes NFL franchises such as the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Not exactly new, but still cool, Ten Thousand Cents used the Amazon Mechanical Turk to get 10,000 people in 51 countries to collectively draw a picture of a $100 bill.
  • The Overcast podcast features conversations on cloud computing. Well worth a listen.
  • The S3-powered Dropbox application is an easy way to store, sync, and share files and folders online. You can get to your files from any of your Windows, Mac, or Linux computers and also from the Dropbox web interface. You can also access deleted files and snapshots of older versions.
  • Tarsnap is an online snapshotted backup service for BSD, Linux, and OS X. Colin Percival, author of tarsnap, has written about the tarsnap public beta and about his use of EC2 and S3.
  • WaveMaker is an open source IDE designed specifically for the cloud. You can start using the Cloud Edition for free and you can learn more about the product in their press release. WaveMaker uses RightScale for scaling and load balancing, and Elastra for scalable database connectivity.
  • The folks at the IT Management Podcast were asking for some examples of how corporations are putting AWS to use. Turns out that I had neglected to blog about some of our case studies. We’ve got great case studies from the Indy 500, Washington Post, Harvard Medical School, Autodesk, AF83 (they streamed a Madonna concert), and Morph Labs. Companies like DiskAgent, TC3Health, and MedCommons are building HIPAA-compliant applications in the cloud and we’ve got their stories too.

— Jeff;

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