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Scientific / Academic / Non-Profit Poster Session at AWS re:Invent

Many academic and scientific conferences include a poster session.

What’s That?
Researchers describe their research and their results on an informative poster which they bring to the conference, where it is set up for display. The researchers stand by their posters to answer questions about the work and to discuss it with the attendees.

Posters sessions provide the researchers with an opportunity to document, publicize, and share their work. The attendees get to learn about the latest research findings and have the opportunity to discuss them with the people who actually did the work.

To get an idea of what a typical poster session looks like, check out this Flickr Pool of Poster Sessions.

Here’s a poster that NASA JPL created to describe their INsAR (Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar Scientific Computing Environment on the Cloud) project:

Poster Session at re:Invent
We are planning to run a poster session at AWS re:Invent (returning to Las Vegas in November 2013). If you are using AWS for scientific, academic, or non-profit purposes, and are planning to attend AWS re:Invent, you have an opportunity to submit an abstract for a poster that you may be able to present at AWS re:Invent.

Here’s the plan:

  1. Use AWS to solve a problem or to do some research. If you are in academia, apply to the AWS for Education program and if accepted, get some AWS credits to assist you in your work.
  2. Submit an abstract to us on or before the submission deadline (October 4th, 2013). Tell us about your work, what you found, and how it made use of AWS. Mail your information to .
  3. AWS will contact you if your abstract is selected for presentation at AWS re:Invent.
  4. Prepare and print your poster (here are some good poster creation resources) and make plans to attend re:Invent with your poster.

We will have an exhibit room for the posters, and we’ll set aside some times each day for presenters to stand by their poster and talk to the other attendees.

— Jeff;

PS – Please feel free to share this post with -your friends and colleagues in these fields. You undoubtedly have more contacts than I do!

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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