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AWS Start-Up Challenge Finalists

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We received an incredible number of submissions for the AWS Start-Up Challenge!

We’d like to offer our congratulations to all seven of the finalists and we’d also like to thank everyone who submitted an entry. The quality, creativity, and diversity of thought present in the entries was beyond impressive.

In the next couple of weeks we will post a video for each finalist. You will then have the opportunity to vote for your favorite start-up. The finalists will be coming to Amazon headquarters in Seattle next month to present their entries to our judges and to attend the awards dinner.

After multiple rounds and levels of deliberation, we are pleased to announce that the following entries have made it to the final round:

Ooyala Ooyala developed a platform which provides viewers with high quality interactive video with non-intrusive advertising. Their ad system uses computer vision and machine learning to deliver a targeted advertising experience.

Justin operates a massively scalable live video platform using AWS. The custom-built Python Media Server has been written from scratch to perform optimally on lightweight EC2 instances. The end result is that live video publishers have a free, easy to use, and completely scalable platform for hosting any type of live video broadcast.

Weogeo WeoGeo creates a one-stop marketplace for mapping using EC2 and S3 services. It supplies surveyors, engineers, cartographers, and scientists with the ability to conveniently store, search, exchange high-resolution CAD and GIS mapping products. Mappers easily list their data for sale and researchers quickly find the data they need.

Commerce360 Commerce360 uses advanced mathematics and statistical analysis as part of their ClickEquations product to optimize campaigns across the entire search chain and to deliver improved campaign efficiency and performance.

Brainscape_sm Brainscape, a product of the Neuroinformatics Research Group, is an engine for measuring the networks in the brain.  Researchers are using Brainscape to discover new brain networks and measure the effects of new drugs in clinical trials.  Soon, doctors will be using Brainscape to diagnose disease and aid in treatment.

Milemeter MileMeter will offer “auto insurance by the mile,” so people who drive less pay less for insurance.  By rewarding reduced driving with lower insurance costs, insurance by the mile has the potential to reduce  environmental impact and to make insurance both more fair and affordable.

Usertesting will provide quick and cheap access to a network of pre-screened testers who are articulate and observant and who meet specified demographics. Website owners can request that one or more testers attempt to complete a task on their website.

— Jeff;

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