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AWS CloudHSM Update – Cost Effective Hardware Key Management at Cloud Scale for Sensitive & Regulated Workloads

Our customers run an incredible variety of mission-critical workloads on AWS, many of which process and store sensitive data. As detailed in our Overview of Security Processes document, AWS customers have access to an ever-growing set of options for encrypting and protecting this data. For example, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) supports encryption of data […]

Box Enterprise Key Management – Powered by AWS CloudHSM

In  a post on the Box Blog, co-founder Aaron Levie rolled out the new Box Enterprise Key Management (EKM) offering. This product was designed to allow companies to use Box’s content management and collaboration tools while retaining control over their own encryption keys. As he notes in the post, Enterprise Key Management is powered by […]

AWS CloudHSM Update

I’d like to give you a quick update on AWS CloudHSM. First, the “HSM” is short for Hardware Security Module. As I noted in my earlier blog post: An HSM is a piece of hardware — a dedicated appliance that provides secure key storage and a set of cryptographic operations within a tamper-resistant enclosure. You […]