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Route 53 Health Checks, DNS Failover, and CloudWatch

Earlier this year we introduced a new DNS failover feature for Amazon Route 53. If you enable this feature and create one or more health checks, Route 53 will periodically run the checks and switch to a secondary address (possibly a static website hosted on Amazon S3) if several consecutive checks fail. Today we are […]

Amazon Route 53 Adds ELB Integration for DNS Failover

I’m happy to announce that Route 53 DNS Failover now supports Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) endpoints. Route 53 launched DNS Failover on February 11, 2013. With DNS Failover, Route 53 can detect an outage of your website and redirect your end users to alternate or backup locations that you specify. Route 53 DNS Failover relies […]

CloudFront / Route 53 Edge Location in Sydney, Australia

  The Sydney Harbor Bridge at sunset, taken on my first (and so far only) trip down under! We’ve just added an edge location in Sydney, Australia (number 33, to be precise) to Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Route 53. Based on customer requests, internal logging, and the response to our recent survey, we believe that […]

Multi-Region Latency Based Routing now Available for AWS

The Amazon Web Services are now available in an ever-expanding series of locations. You’ve asked us to make it easier to build applications that span multiple AWS regions and we are happy to oblige. Today I’m pleased to announce that Amazon Route 53 is making available the same latency based routing technology that powers Amazon […]

AWS Management Console Now Supports Amazon Route 53

  The AWS Management Console now includes complete support for Amazon Route 53. You can now create your hosted zones and set up the appropriate records (A, CNAME, MX, and so forth) in a convenient visual environment. Let’s walk through the entire process of registering a domain at a registrar and setting it up in […]