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Empowerment, Engagement, and Education for Women in Tech

I’ve been earning a living in the technology industry since 1977, when I worked in one of the first computer stores in the country as a teenager. Looking back over the past 40 years, and realizing that the Altair, IMSAI, Sol-20, and North Star Horizon machines that I learned about, built, debugged, programmed, sold, and […]

The Cloud as a Platform for Platforms

  Of the many things I love about AWS, I will mention three of my favorites in this blog post: AWS does not force developers to use any particular programming model, language, or operating system. AWS does not force developers to use the entire suite of services – they can use any of our infrastructure services individually […]

Virtual Stress-free Testing in the Cloud

I am giving a presentation at upcoming FutureTest conference on “Testing in the Cloud”. Using Amazon EC2 for Software Testing  is one of “Lowest-hanging fruit” use cases. In this blog post, I will review some of the highlights of my presentation – some of the cool things the cloud brings to the world of application […]

Cloudbursting – Hybrid Application Hosting

I get to meet with lots of developers and system architects as part of my job. Talking to them about cloud computing and about the Amazon Web Services is both challenging and rewarding. Cloud computing as a concept is still relatively new. When I explain what it is and what it enables, I can almost […]

The Emerging Cloud Service Architecture

I’m going to go out on a limb today and try to paint a picture of where some of this cool and crazy cloud-based infrastructure may be going. While none of what I will write about is idle speculation, it is based on just a few data points, and may be totally off base. However, […]

Two Good Podcasts

I hardly ever listen to broadcast radio in my car anymore. Instead, I subscribe to a whole bunch of podcasts, some technical, some fun, and others educational. Here are two episodes which should be of interest to anyone who reads this blog: The Mashable Podcast interviews Michael Crandell, CEO of RightScale. Michael talks about their […]