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Webinar: Securing Public Cloud Infrastructures

Mark time in your calendars for a cloud security webinar co-presented by Amazon Web Services and enStratus on Wednesday October 7, 2009 at 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM Central Time US.

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Public cloud computing has evolved into a mainstream approach for building out components of an IT infrastructure. Cost saving opportunities make the development of a public cloud strategy absolutely critical. Even before taking on pilot projects in the cloud, however, you should have a solid understanding of the security implications and opportunities in public cloud computing. Amazon Web Services and enStratus have teamed up for this webinar detailing how businesses moving into the cloud can understand the security issues in public cloud computing and how to secure a public cloud infrastructure.

Among the most critical components in cloud security is transparency from your cloud providers. AWS has built out an infrastructure and established processes to mitigate common vulnerabilities and offer a safe compute and storage environment. enStratus operates outside of the AWS cloud, watching over its operations, and keeping your authentication and encryption credentials safe outside the cloud while encrypting the data inside the cloud both in transit and at rest.

Steve Riley from AWS and George Reese from enStratus will discuss common cloud security concerns and show you how to take advantage of the security features AWS and enStratus provide you to build a secure public cloud infrastructure.

Key Learnings

  • How does AWS protect its infrastructure and, by extension, your data?
  • What can you do with tools like enStratus to further protect your data?
  • How can you use enStratus to protect your data from third-party subpoenas or subpoenas targeted at AWS?
  • How can I manage user access to my AWS infrastructure?
  • What issues impact compliance with various standards/regulations in the AWS cloud?


George Reese, O’Reilly cloud computing author and CTO for enStratus, a leading cloud management platform.

Steve Riley, Sr. Technical Program Manager for Amazon Web Services.

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