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Windows Wednesday – AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell

Tom Rizzo is back, with his second Windows Wednesday post!

— Jeff;

Over the years, we have introduced a number of tools that make it easy for Windows customers to use Amazon Web Services. We provide an SDK for .NET, an Elastic Beanstalk container for hosting .NET applications, an integrated toolkit for Visual Studio, and a web-based management console. All of these allow Windows developers and administrators to manage their AWS services in a way that’s natural to them.

With our continuing investment in making AWS the best place for Windows customers, we are announcing today the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell. For Windows developers, administrators, and IT Pros alike, PowerShell is becoming the tool of choice to manage Windows environments. Now you can use PowerShell to manage your AWS services too. The AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell provides over 550 cmdlets that let you perform quick actions from the command line and craft rich automated scripts, all from within the PowerShell environment.

We’ve put together an introductory video where you can see the AWS Tools for PowerShell in action:

Download the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell now and get started right away!

— Tom


Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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