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Create and Manage Clusters on the Amazon ECS Console

We recently added three Amazon ECS console improvements to help you create and manage clusters.

Resource provisioning

The first change is a wizard for creating clusters that takes care of provisioning all the resources required by the cluster such as the Auto Scaling group, VPC, subnets, and security group. You can also choose to use existing VPCs and subnets. Now, any cluster that you create requires only a few inputs and the console can create the resources for you. You can also scale the number of container instances in the cluster by changing the desired count on the Container Instance tab.

Cluster dashboard

The second change is a new console dashboard that provides visibility into the state of your clusters, including CPU, memory utilization, and the number of running tasks. You can now get an overview of your clusters at a glance, without clicking through multiple screens.

ECS agent version

The third change is better visibility into the ECS agent version. The ECS agent runs on each instance within an ECS cluster. It sends information about the instance’s current running tasks and resource utilization to ECS, and starts and stops tasks whenever it receives a request from ECS. Now, you’ll see when there’s a new agent version available, and be able to take advantage of the latest functionality.

We hope you enjoy these new console features. If you have questions or suggestions, please comment below.