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Register now for the Serverless Live virtual event

The AWS Serverless team is excited to bring you the second annual serverless-first event, Serverless Live, on May 19. We’ll be livestreaming technical deep dives, demos, and live Q&A to help you get the most out of the cloud.

The event opens with a keynote by Adrian Cockcroft, VP of Sustainability Architecture. It’s followed by serverless subject matter experts who will deliver sessions on topics like event-driven applications, building serverless apps with container images, and security best practices.

Serverless Live is designed for anyone interested in building, operating, and optimizing serverless applications. Whether you’re getting started or looking to dive deep into technical concepts, there’s a session for you. Join us on Twitch to chat live with other attendees, speakers, and AWS serverless leaders.

Agenda highlights

Building Serverless Applications with Container Images
In this session, Ben Smith, Sr. Serverless Developer Advocate, shows how using container images for Lambda functions changes developer workflow and dependency management. Ben also demonstrates how to build serverless applications using container image Lambda functions with the AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM).

Top Security Tips for Serverless Developers
Join George Mao, Tech Leader for Serverless, to learn the most important, high value tips on how to secure, audit, and apply governance for your serverless apps. You’ll learn security best practices for services like AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway.

Events as an Accelerator: How to Iterate Faster
Nick Smit, Sr. Product Manager for EventBridge, shows how using an event-driven design can help you rapidly iterate on existing features and build new features faster. Nick explores concepts central to event buses, decoupled applications, and the benefits of making your organization more event-driven.

Building a Serverless Application Backend
In this session, Eric Johnson, Principal Serverless Developer Advocate, and Justin Pirtle, Principal Product Manager for API Gateway, cover choosing the right serverless patterns for your workload. They discuss how to think about security and observability and simplify the management and deployment of your application.