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Using API Gateway mapping templates to handle changes in your back-end APIs

Maitreya Ranganath, AWS Solutions Architect Changes to APIs are always risky, especially if changes are made in ways that are not backward compatible. In this blog post, we show you how to use Amazon API Gateway mapping templates to isolate your API consumers from API changes. This enables your API consumers to migrate to new […]

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Using API Gateway stage variables to manage Lambda functions

Ed Lima, Cloud Support Engineer There’s a new feature on Amazon API Gateway called stage variables. Stage variables act like environment variables and can be used to change the behavior of your API Gateway methods for each deployment stage; for example, making it possible to reach a different back end depending on which stage the […]

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AWS NY Summit Presentations

Tim Wagner, AWS Lambda The 2015 AWS NY summit a lot of exciting content for AWS Lambda and ECS. If you weren’t able to join us there, here’s a summary of slideshares and videos with compute-related announcements and content:   Werner Vogels Keynote: Announcing Amazon API Gateway Announcement excerpt: Full keynote: Werner and Matt Wood […]

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