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How Perry Street Software Implemented Resilient Deployment Strategies with Amazon ECS

This post was coauthored by Ben Duffield and Eric Silverberg at Perry Street Software, with contributions from Adam Tucker, Piotr Wald, and Cristian Constantinescu of PSS Introduction You just finished deploying that important change you spent weeks preparing, when you see this email subject in your inbox: Alarm: HTTPCode_Target_5XX_Count. Ugh. The code you have just […]

Configure Amazon EKS for environmental sustainability

Introduction Sustainable cloud design requires understanding and minimizing the impacts of architectural decisions. With conscientious cloud architecture, we can innovate rapidly while treading lightly on our shared environment. As cloud computing becomes ubiquitous, it’s imperative that we build sustainable cloud architectures that minimize environmental impacts. While cloud economies of scale improve efficiency, our design choices […]

Enabling mTLS with ALB in Amazon EKS

Introduction In today’s interconnected world, communication faces evolving security threats. From sensitive financial transactions in online banking to secure data transmissions in the automobile industry, ensuring trust and authenticity between businesses is becoming more and more critical. This is where Mutual Transport Layer Security (mTLS) can be an option to offer enhanced security through advanced […]

Build preview environments for Amazon ECS applications with AWS Copilot

Introduction In the software development sphere, immediate evaluation of every code adjustment and deploying pull requests to active environments for immediate preview and feedback is essential. This practice is instrumental in reducing post-deployment issues and operational disruptions, underscoring the urgency for dedicated preview environments. Without these environments, the risk of merging unassessed features into the […]

Secure Amazon Elastic Container Service workloads with Amazon ECS Service Connect

Introduction With this release, Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) integrates with AWS Private Certificate Authority (CA) and automates the process of issuing, distributing, and rotating certificates, which makes it simple for customers to secure traffic between services without adding extra operational workload. Now Amazon ECS Service Connect customers can encrypt service-to-service communication using Transport […]

Train Llama2 with AWS Trainium on Amazon EKS

Introduction Generative AI is not only transforming the way businesses function but also accelerating the pace of innovation within the broader AI field. This transformative force is redefining how businesses use technology, equipping them with capabilities to create human-like text, images, code, and audio, which were once considered beyond reach. Generative AI offers a range […]

Amazon EKS now supports Kubernetes version 1.29

Introduction The Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) team is pleased to announce support for Kubernetes version 1.29 in Amazon EKS, Amazon EKS Distro, and Amazon EKS Anywhere (v0.19.0). The theme for this version was chosen for the beautiful art form that is Mandala—a symbol of the universe in its perfection. Hence, the fitting release […]

Amazon ECS enables easier EC2 capacity management, with managed instance draining

Introduction Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) deploys and manages your containerized tasks on AWS infrastructure. Customers can avoid the need to maintain compute instances by using Amazon ECS to deploy tasks on serverless AWS Fargate capacity. But some customers prefer to use Amazon ECS with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) as capacity. Using Amazon […]

The journey to IPv6 on Amazon EKS: Interoperability scenarios (Part 3)

Introduction So far, in Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog series we covered the foundational aspects of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) IPv6 clusters and highlighted key patterns for implementing IPv6 to future-proof your networks. Besides configuring your IPv6 Amazon EKS clusters, migration to the world of IPv6 involves careful infrastructure planning […]

The journey to IPv6 on Amazon EKS: Implementation patterns (Part 2)

Introduction In Part 1 of this blog series we covered the foundation of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) IPv6 clusters and the deep integration into the underlying Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) dual-stack IP mode. As customers evaluate their migration strategies to IPv6 to harness the benefits of scale and simplicity, they need […]