Automating custom networking to solve IPv4 exhaustion in Amazon EKS

Introduction When Amazon VPC Container Network Interface (CNI) plugin assigns IPv4 addresses to Pods, it allocates them from the VPC CIDR range assigned to the cluster. While it makes Pods first-class citizens within the VPC network, it often leads to exhaustion of the limited number of IPv4 addresses available in the VPCs. The long term […]

Accelerate Amazon ECS-based workloads with ECS Blueprints

Introduction We are introducing ECS Blueprints for AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) that makes it easier and faster to build container workloads for the Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS). ECS Blueprints is a collection of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) open-source modules that help you configure and deploy container workloads on top of Amazon […]

Run event-driven workflows with Amazon EKS and AWS Step Functions

Introduction Event-driven computing is a common pattern in modern application development with microservices, which is a great fit for building resilient and scalable software in AWS. Event-driven computing needs to be push-based with event-driven applications that are run on-demand when an event triggers the functional workflow. Tools that help you minimize resource usage and reduce […]