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Private integration of your Kubernetes Cluster with Amazon S3 File Gateway

Introduction As applications with increasing complexity are getting migrated to the cloud, these applications can end up being hosted across different platforms and require many integration points. One such example is a Windows-based application that needs to share its storage with services hosted on a Kubernetes platform. Sharing storage privately between your Kubernetes clusters and […]

Diagram of of the QMaaS data processing pipeline

Athenahealth QMaaS: Optimizing throughput and costs with Amazon ECS & EC2 Spot

Karthik Kalkur, Senior Architect, Athenahealth, Jayaprakash Alawala, Specialist Solution Architect (Containers), AWS, and Sridhar Bharadwaj, Sr EC2 Spot Specialist, AWS This guest blog post is contributed by Karthik Kalkur, a Senior Architect at athenahealth, in partnership with AWS Specialist Solution Architect for Containers, Jayaprakash Alawala, and AWS Sr. EC2 Spot Specialist, Sridhar Bharadwaj. Athenahealth is […]