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Run Ethereum nodes on AWS

Amazon Managed Blockchain and many partners of AWS offer a convenient way to use Ethereum nodes without operating your own infrastructure. But sometimes, when you want to run archive nodes or participate in Ethereum staking, the managed nodes aren’t enough, and you may choose to run your own Ethereum nodes on AWS. To run a […]

A PartiQL deep dive: Understand the language and bring SQL queries to AWS non-relational database services

It’s data, data everywhere! To turn data into information, and information into insight, we need to understand our data to its full extent and make use of the statistics derived from it. Applying the obtained results successfully while making business decisions remains a challenge for most organizations, even today. This is partly due to the […]

Loading data into Amazon Keyspaces with cqlsh

The Cassandra Query Language Shell (cqlsh) is an open-source command line shell that you can use to run CQL commands and perform database administrative tasks, such as creating and modifying tables. You can use cqlsh to get started with Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra)—a scalable, highly available, managed Cassandra-compatible database—by loading data from a CSV […]