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Understand user access patterns and optimize Amazon WorkSpaces with Amazon CloudWatch

Are you looking to gain additional insight how end users are connecting to Amazon WorkSpaces instances? Would you like to track and report on IP addresses, platforms, and client versions being used to access WorkSpaces? Are you interested better understanding operating system resource utilization within the WorkSpace?

EUCAttend our re:Invent session EUC202, Monitor Amazon WorkSpaces user access patterns with Amazon CloudWatch, where Aamir and I will show you how to use Amazon CloudWatch to build dashboards that surface important WorkSpaces user access information. During this interactive workshop, you’ll have access to the latest features in CloudWatch, allowing you to gain valuable insight into resource utilization, required to make highly informed cost-optimization decisions. Finally, we will wrap up the session by showing you how to build automated alarms that proactively notify the administrator when action needs to be taken.

For the duration of the session, you’ll have access to an AWS account, allowing you to build your own dashboard with guidance from our team of experienced AWS End User Computing (EUC) solution architects.

At the end of this workshop, we’ll open it up for audience questions and discussion. During this time, you have the opportunity to ask AWS Product Managers and Solutions Architects questions about content shared during the workshop.

To learn more about CloudWatch, please see our blogs on understanding end-user access to WorkSpaces and using CloudWatch to prepare for WSP migration of WorkSpaces.

AWS designed Amazon WorkSpaces Family (Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon WorkSpaces Core, and Amazon WorkSpaces Web) and Amazon AppStream 2.0 services to give organizations the flexibility to choose the best-fit solution for their specific user requirements and budgetary constraints.

Date and time November 29, 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM (PST)
Location Caesars Forum
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Presenters Dave Jaskie
Senior AWS End User Computing Solutions Architect

Aamir Khan
Senior Technical Program Manager

Jaskie1 Dave Jaskie is a Senior AWS End User Compute Solutions Architect, bringing 15 years of experience in the end-user computing space. Outside of work, Dave enjoys traveling and hiking with his wife and 3 kids.
Aamir Khan, a seasoned Senior Technical Program Manager within the End User Computing Product team, boasts 12 years of industry expertise. Guided by a customer-first approach, his work methodology sets a standard. Beyond the professional realm, Aamir finds joy in family moments and indulges in occasional off-road escapades on his LC-100 series, exploring the wonders of the Pacific Northwest.