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AWS CLI v2 Preview Installers Now Available

AWS CLI v2 preview installers are now available for multiple platforms. You can download and test the following platform specific installers:

These installers do not require Python on your system in order to install the AWS CLI v2 preview.

AWS CLI v2 preview will install on your system as aws2. This allows you to test CLI v2 preview alongside CLI v1 during the developer preview period.

MacOS and Linux Installers

To install the AWS CLI v2 preview on MacOS or Linux, you need to download the platform specific installer for your operating system. For Linux, the executable is tested on the most recent distributions of CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Amazon Linux 1 and Amazon Linux 2. First, download the ZIP file containing the executable.

If you are running MacOS, download the installer with this command:

curl '' -o ''

If you are running Linux, download the installer with this command:

curl '' -o ''

Once downloaded, for MacOS or Linux, unzip the ZIP file and run the install script:

sudo ./aws/install

This will install the AWS CLI v2 preview under the /usr/local/aws-cli directory and create an aws2 symlink in the /usr/local/bin directory. For more information about installation, please refer to the user guide or the file shipped in the ZIP file.

You can now use the AWS CLI v2 preview:

/usr/local/bin/aws2 --version

MSI Installer

To install the AWS CLI v2 preview on Windows (64-bit), use the MSI installer by:

  1. Downloading the MSI installer
  2. Run the downloaded MSI installer
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions

Once complete, you can use the AWS CLI v2 preview:

aws2 --version

For more information about installation on Windows, please refer to the user guide.


We are actively developing the AWS CLI v2 preview, and we encourage you to share feedback or questions you may have by opening a GitHub issue. We are actively seeking feedback on the following items:

  • CLI v2 preview installer experience.
  • The aws2 executable name. During developer preview, the executable name will be aws2. When the AWS CLI v2 goes GA, the decision on whether the executable will be renamed back to aws will depend on your feedback.
  • Outstanding CLI v2 features. If you find an idea that you would like to see in v2, please “+1” the tracking GitHub issue by using GitHub reactions. If you have an idea for v2 but don’t see a tracking GitHub issue for it, please open a GitHub issue for your idea so we can discuss it further.