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AWS.Extensions renaming

Earlier this week, you may have noticed that the assembly AWS.Extensions—which contained DynamoDBSessionStateStore—has been renamed to AWS.SessionProvider. Our original intent with AWS.Extensions was to create a place for SDK extensions, which aren’t strictly part of the AWS SDK for .NET. We have since developed another extension, DynamoDBTraceListener, a TraceListener that allows the logging of trace and debug output to Amazon DynamoDB.

Unfortunately, the two extensions have distinct requirements: DynamoDBSessionStateStore references System.Web, and thus cannot be used in a Client Profile, while DynamoDBTraceListener does not. So to avoid requiring customers to reference unnecessary assemblies, we’ve decided to separate the AWS.Extensions project into multiple task-oriented solutions. Thus, customers who only require DynamoDB logging will not have to import the server assemblies required by the session provider.


If you are referencing AWS.Extensions.dll in your project, simply change the reference to AWS.SessionProvider.dll. There are no code changes to be made for this.

NuGet users should remove the reference to AWS.Extensions and instead use the new AWS.SessionProvider package. The existing AWS.Extensions package is now marked OBSOLETE.