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AWS SDK for Ruby and Nokogiri

In two weeks, on November 19, 2013, we will be removing the upper bound from the nokogiri gem dependency in version 1 of the AWS SDK for Ruby. We’ve been discussing this change with users for a while on GitHub.

Why Is There Currently an Upper Bound?

Nokogiri removed support for Ruby 1.8 with the release of version 1.6. The Ruby SDK requires Nokogiri and supports Ruby 1.8.7+. The current restriction ensures that Ruby 1.8 users can install the aws-sdk gem.

Why Remove the Upper Bound?

Users of the Ruby SDK that use Ruby 1.9+ have been requesting the upper bound removed. Some want to access features of Nokogiri 1.6+, while others are having headaches with dependency management when multiple libraries require Nokogiri and the versions are exclusive.

The Ruby SDK has been tested against Nokogiri 1.4+. By removing this restriction, we allow end users to choose the version of Nokogiri that best suits their needs. Libraries that have narrow dependencies can make managing co-dependencies difficult. We want to help remove some of that headache.

Will it Still be Possible to Install the Ruby SDK in Ruby 1.8.7?

Yes, it will still be possible to install the Ruby SDK in Ruby 1.8.7 when the restriction is removed. If your target environment already has Nokogiri < 1.6 installed, then you don’t need to do anything. Otherwise, you will need to install Nokogiri before installing the aws-sdk gem.

If you are using bundler to install the aws-sdk gem, add an entry for Nokogiri:

gem 'aws-sdk'
gem 'nokogiri', '< 1.6'

If you are using the gem command to install the Ruby SDK, you must ensure that a compatible version of Nokogiri is present in Ruby 1.8.7.

gem install nokogiri --version="<1.6"
gem install aws-sdk

You should not need to make any changes if any of the following are true:

  • You have a Gemfile.lock deployed with your application
  • Nokogiri < 1.6 is already installed in your target environment
  • Your deployed environment does not reinstall gems when restarted

What About Version 2 of the Ruby SDK?

Version 2 of the Ruby SDK no longer relies directly on Nokogiri. Instead it has dependencies on multi_xml and multi_json. This allows you to use Ox and Oj for speed, or Nokogiri if you prefer. Additionally, the Ruby SDK will work with pure Ruby XML and JSON parsing libraries which makes distributing to varied environments much simpler.

Keep the Feedback Coming

We appreciate all of the users who have chimed in on this issue and shared their feedback. User feedback definitely helps guide development of the Ruby SDK. If you haven’t had a chance to check out our work on v2 of the Ruby SDK, please take a look at the GitHub repo for AWS Ruby Core.