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AWS SDK for Ruby V2 Preview Release

Version 2 of the AWS SDK for Ruby is available now as a preview release. If you use Bundler with some standard best-practices, you should be unaffected by the v2 release of the aws-sdk gem. This blog post highlights a few things you might want to be aware of.

Installing V2 Preview Release

V2 of the AWS SDK for Ruby is available now as a preview release. To install v2, use –pre:

$ gem install aws-sdk --pre

If you are using bundler, you must specify the full version until the preview status is removed.

gem 'aws-sdk', '2.0.0.pre'

Lock your Dependencies

The V2 Ruby SDK is not backwards compatible with the V1 Ruby SDK. If you have a bundler dependency on aws-sdk and you do not specify a version, you will run into problems with the 2.0 final is released.
To ensure you are unaffected by the major version bump, ensure you specify a version dependency in your Gemfile:

gem 'aws-sdk', '< 2.0'

Alternatively, you can change your gem dependency from aws-sdk to aws-sdk-v1

gem 'aws-sdk-v1'

The AWS SDK for Ruby follows semver. This allows users to update within the same major version with confidence that there are not backwards incompatible changes. If there are, they will be treated as bugs.

Use Both Version in One Application

The V1 and V2 Ruby SDKs use different namespaces. You may only load one version of a single gem. We publish the v1 Ruby SDK as a separate gem now to allow users to load both versions. Additionally, the v2 SDK uses a different root namespace to avoid conflicts.

# in your Gemfile
gem 'aws-sdk-v1'
gem 'aws-sdk', '2.0.0.pre'

And then in your application:

require 'aws-sdk-v1'
require 'aws-sdk'

# v1 uses the AWS module, v2 uses the Aws module
s3_v1 =
s3_v2 =

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Happy coding, and as always, feedback is welcomed!