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General Availability for .NET Core Support in the AWS SDK for .NET

Today, we announce the general availability (GA) of our .NET Core support in the AWS SDK for .NET. Previously, we’ve supported .NET Core in our 3.2.x beta NuGet packages while maintaining our 3.1.x NuGet packages on our stable master branch with the frequent AWS service updates.

With the move to GA status for .NET Core, we’ve merged .NET Core support into the stable master branch and, going forward, will release version 3.3.x NuGet packages for the AWS SDK for .NET. We’ll add AWS service updates to our .NET Core version at the same time we add them to the rest of the .NET platforms we support, like .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.5. The SDK’s change of status also means our AWS Tools for PowerShell Core module (AWSPowerShell.NetCore) is at GA status, and its version bumps to 3.3.x to match the underlying SDK version.

This release is one more step in our continuing support for .NET Core on AWS. Other exciting .NET Core releases we’ve had this year include:

For help setting up and configuring the SDK for use with .NET Core, see our previous post on some of the extensions we added to take advantage of the new .NET Core frameworks.

We welcome your feedback. Check out our GitHub repository and let us know what you think of our .NET and .NET Core support.