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Release: AWS SDK for PHP – Version 2.6.6

We would like to announce the release of version 2.6.6 of the AWS SDK for PHP. This release, combined with the last few releases that we forgot to blog about, contain the following changes:

  • Added support for the Desired Partition Count scaling option to the CloudSearch client. Hebrew is also now a supported language.
  • Updated the STS service description to the latest version.
  • [Docs] Updated some of the documentation about credential profiles.
  • Fixed an issue with the regular expression in the S3Client::isValidBucketName method. See #298.
  • Added cross-region support for the Amazon EC2 CopySnapshot operation.
  • Added AWS Relational Database (RDS) support to the AWS OpsWorks client.
  • Added support for tagging environments to the AWS Elastic Beanstalk client.
  • Refactored the signature version 4 implementation to be able to pre-sign most operations.
  • Added support for lifecycles on versioning enabled buckets to the Amazon S3 client.
  • Fixed an Amazon S3 sync issue which resulted in unnecessary transfers when no $keyPrefix argument was utilized.
  • Corrected the CopySourceIfMatch and CopySourceIfNoneMatch parameter for Amazon S3 to not use a timestamp shape.
  • Corrected the sending of Amazon S3 PutBucketVersioning requests that utilize the MFADelete parameter.
  • Added the ability to modify Amazon SNS topic settings to the UpdateStack operation of the AWS CloudFormation client.
  • Added support for the us-west-1, ap-southeast-2, and eu-west-1 regions to the AWS CloudTrail client.
  • Removed no longer utilized AWS CloudTrail shapes from the model.

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