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Announcing overridable client configuration in the AWS SDK for Kotlin

We’re excited to announce that the AWS SDK for Kotlin now supports overridable client configuration. You can use this feature to execute AWS service calls with specialized config that differs from the config provided when the client was initialized. This unlocks new capabilities and increases the flexibility of your code. In this post, I will […]

Automating the Deployment of AWS Config with the AWS SDK for PHP

My colleague Joseph Fontes, an AWS Solutions Architect, wrote the guest post below to discuss automation strategies for AWS Config. There are times when you need to automate the deployment of services either in your account or within external accounts.  When I recently had to enable AWS Config support in remote accounts, I approached this […]

Credential Management – Part 1

When using AWS, it is important to keep your access credentials secure. It can be challenging to make your credentials available to your application securely. The AWS SDK for Ruby provides a number of helpful interfaces for configuring your credentials that help you keep your secrets safe. This blog post focuses on securely configuring the […]